Integrated Work Injury Network (IWIN), is a state-of-the-art facility that provides the full continuum of pre-employment and post accident/injury services to employers throughout the Bloomington-Normal area.

IWIN’s model was developed based on results of significant research which primarily focused on employers’ needs in regard to managing workers’ compensation costs and on national trends in occupational health and rehabilitation.  IWIN is the first occupational health provider in the Bloomington-Normal area built on what employers want and need.  The results for our clients have been reductions in their workers’ compensation costs, superior customer service and a reduction of time employers spend managing workers’ compensation claims.

IWIN understands that the goal of every employer is to find a health care provider who will diagnose and treat the injury while focusing on the employee’s safe, effective and expedited return to work.  It may sound simple; however, when an employee bounces among physicians and therapists at different locations under independent management, the patient runs the risk of getting lost in the shuffle.  The continuum of care is often broken and the desired outcome is delayed or not achieved.

At IWIN, clinicians from all disciplines work side-by-side so that communication is constant.  If a patient requires an outside referral, IWIN will continue to manage the case until the employee is fully returned to work.  The utmost attention is given to getting employees back to work as safely and quickly as possible.

IWIN offers the most comprehensive occupational health program in Bloomington-Normal.  Pre-employment services, medical care, physical rehabilitation, diagnostics, medical dispensary and professional consulting are all provided in the same facility which not only results in fewer lost workdays for your employee, it results in a lowered service cost-per-employee for you.